Best Grenada Tours

Best Grenada Tours

Best Grenada Tours

Trying to figure out which tours are best suited to you in Grenada? Look no further than this list. We’ve collected nine different guided excursions for you here. As with many islands, people often focus on Grenada snorkeling tours. Remember there are lots of things to do on land too! With different levels of independence and levels of relaxation, whether it’s from the sea to the land. We hope that this list can help you decide what tours you want to spend your time trying while you’re on the island.


A tour for the eco-friendly adventurer. With Conservation Kayak, you’ll get to hang on the water, enjoy some sun, and learn about environment preservation while you’re at it. This company has five different tours through the mangrove around the south east of the island. Because of this, they have the perfect one for any experience level. Are you a beginner and want a short excursion? Do you have your sea legs and want to venture out into the open ocean? Either way, they’ve got you covered.


If you want to man your own boat but don’t feel like getting a workout in, you should do a tour with Sea Sun Adventure Dinghy. The company has a troupe of small, easy to manage power boats. You can grab a group of friends and zoom up the west coast to the Molinere Sculpture Park. It’s a favourite for Grenada snorkeling tours.


Want to take your hands off the wheel completely? Try a tour with Seafaris. They’re speedy, and incredibly fun. A powerboat trip up Grenada’s west coast will take you to a couple bays, including the Underwater Sculpture Park. Their crew are experienced and qualified lifeguards trained at helping uncertain swimmers. Allowing them to feel comfortable in the water (if they choose to try it out) and enjoy Grenada’s best snorkeling. They are also knowledgeable about the plants and animals that inhabit the island, the marine life, and some neat facts about the local history.


Eco Dive has fourteen different dive packages to choose from. New to diving? No problem. You can go with them from the pool to the open ocean in a few hours of training. You can also spend a few days with them to get fully certified! Or if you’re a certified diver but haven’t been on a dive in a while, you can take their refresher course before moving onto bigger dives. You can also dive to the sculpture park with them. But there are over thirty-five site options for different dives around the island. Lots of options for reef dives and for ship-wreck dives, for all your adventuring needs.


Take a break from the salt water and enjoy the fresh water in one of Grenada’s rivers. On the eastern side of the island, there’s the three mile Balthazar river that’s perfect for river tubing. Your guides will help you navigate the river’s rapids safely and happily, and in between the slightly trickier spots you’ll enjoy lazily floating down the river with your friends. Even stop for a swim here and there!


TDo you love waterfalls, but need a bit more of a challenge as opposed to simply driving to one? We recommend going to Seven Sisters Waterfalls. As the name suggests, there are seven different falls on this trail, but most people go to the bottom two. Depending on the time of year, it can be a bit slippery, but is still very doable. Before you start the hike, we advise taking a walking stick that is provided at the trailhead. It’ll be super helpful for the steep descent to the falls and then back up again. The trail only takes about thirty minutes if you are a quick hiker. However, it’s about forty if you’d prefer a leisurely pace to look at the beautiful trees and river on the trail. This is also a wonderful place to pack a picnic. Most people find they want to refuel after swimming in the beautiful pools of the falls for the hike back.


The second tallest peak on the island, Mt Qua Qua is a more demanding hike. It’s one of our favourite ways to beat the heat though, as you usually end up trekking through the cool, misty cloud bank! It’s a 2 to 3 hour hike, depending on your speed, with beautiful views of Grand Etang crater lake on the way. If it’s a clear day when you reach the top, you can stop to have a snack and enjoy the view of the main town of St George’s. Keep an eye out for the mona monkeys that live in the Grand Etang Forest Reserve while you move.


Do you want the best of both worlds? Craving some time on the sea and on land? Then our double whammy tour is for you! We start with a sail, then go for a hike to the beautiful Concord Waterfall (a local favourite with a great jump!). Once we’re back on the SS Corsair, we’ll provide you with an awesome barbecue meal, then sail off into the sunset and back to our starting point.


This is One of our favourite tours on the island, because it will immerse you in some of the cultural heritage of Grenada. Explore the functioning plantation and chocolate factory. Learn how the cocoa goes from the pod to your favourite treat. Enjoy samples of dark chocolate and our local version of hot chocolate, cocoa tea. You can also explore the gardens and farm lands that are a part of the estate. But don’t forget to hit the gift shop as you leave, and to try the different local foods in their amazing restaurant.