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The SS Corsair


The Corsair

The “Corsair” is an award winning classic Biloxi schooner built in 1976 which invokes the lines of a classic shrimper or gulf coast freighter of centuries past



The Corsair was purchased in 2017. Together, Marc, Ivonne, Mango and Sugar sailed the Corsair from Alabama through the Gulf of Mexico, the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands to his new home in Grenada. On an unexpectedly difficult voyage they rode out numerous storms, including Hurricanes Irma and Maria, sailed through destroyed islands and yet still managed to keep up the maintenance and repair of the ship, delivering The Corsair safely home for new adventures in the Caribbean islands.

Built & Designed

 in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

by Michael Broussard

Laying of keel 1976

Launched 1978

Men hours 14.000


Weight:  net 21/gross 28 tons

 Length: 46ft keel/57ft deck/73ft overall

 Draft: 5,3 ft   Beam: 18 ft

 Height: Clearance top topmast 71ft/62 ft

Capacity & Accomodation

55 passengers / 4 crew

5 Guest Bunks in Main cabin,

2 single and 3 double.

2 Crew Bunks, double, in Aft cabin.


Biloxi shrimping Schooner,

converted to Maxi Gaff Cutter Rig

with Topsail, Staysail,

Jib and Topsail Jib


length overall

in service

Men Hours to launch

observed Top Speed

born to be shrimping

Back in the days

With graceful sheer and sweet lines, the ship was designed and hand-built by Captain Michael Broussard, a third generation boat builder, well known in the Biloxi area, to US Coast Guard standards. Captain Broussard was trained by Francis Herreshoff of Bristol and has taught himself at the International School of Yacht Restoration (IRYS). Corsair’s hull is crafted from Southern White Cedar and the deck from beautiful mahogany. The original Schooner rigging with two masts has been converted into a magnum gaff rigged cutter sloop with a topsail.

With a length on deck of 57 feet and 74 feet overall, Corsair is a very spacious and comfortable long range sailboat. Corsair has been up and down the East coast of the US and the Gulf of Mexico, serving as a commercial shrimp vessel, sail training vessel, participating in advertising campaigns and has even played a role in the movie “Interview with a Vampire.”

classic ship - modern concepts


In 2017 Corsair was carefully refurbished and converted from a work boat to an extremely stylish and premium quality charter vessel. The main salon is very roomy and is located adjacent to the galley which is our chef’s pride. 3 double berths and 2 single berths with privacy dividers and curtains are to be found waiting for you. The bathroom  is stunning and unique, Corsair may be the only modern schooner equipped with a claw foot. Our goal was never to change the spirit of the ship and keep it original and authentic as much as possible with adding modern aspects to its flair.

Cruising on Corsair is a special way to spend time with your loved ones, a unique experience on the water in Grenada, an extraordinary way to travel to the Tobago Cays and the Grenadines, a relaxing sunset cruise, an exciting snorkeling or scuba diving experience in the Caribbean, or good food and company on a comfortable classy ship.

Buccaneering with style!

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