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Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park There are a few places in the world where visiting a museum requires an oxygen tank or snorkeling gear. The Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park, considered one of the 25 Wonders of the Worlds by National Geographic is one you don’t want to miss.  Located in the west indies of the Caribbean,...
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TOP 10 BREATHTAKING SAILING SCENES IN THE … inNo matter where you “land” in the Caribbean, either by air or by sea, there is a never-ending sense of breathtaking beauty surrounding you. Sailing offers the greatest variety of perspectives to view this breathtaking scenery. Under full sail or anchored in a port, there are scenes...
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The Greatest Benefits of a Caribbean Boat Rental

Many people overlook renting or chartering a boat vacation option. Some may simply never have heard of such a thing, some will think it is too expensive, and some will make a generally negative assumption of it being too confining or dangerous. Sadly, these people miss out on one of the easiest vacations to plan,...
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No matter what kind of an informational meeting you may go to, you will likely hear the question asked at the end of the presentation, “Are there any questions?”. Then follows the statement, “There are no stupid questions!”. Whether you agree with that statement or not, there are many frequently asked questions made by prospective...
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Top 5 Single Travel Spots In The Caribbean Island (Sea)

Do you enjoy the flexibility that traveling alone provides? Or, you merely love to explore things on your own? Or, this is your first-time solo travel? Whatever the case is- You need such a place where you can conjure breathtaking views, powdery beaches, and palm trees. We are talking about an Island that is relaxing,...
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Dangers of Sailing in the Caribbean

Now that you are here reading this article, it is important to understand that there are NOT a terribly high number of dangers likely to occur while sailing in the Caribbean. Despite the ease of finding horror stories on the internet, truly dangerous experiences are the exception and not the norm. Many factors can play...
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