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Learn how to sail today !

Corsair Sailing Charters & Experiences

Corsair Sailing Charters & Experiences is an approved NauticEd practical training school. NauticEd and its schools offer global sailing training, education, certification, and licensing recognized throughout the boating industry as ‘best in class’.

You can learn to sail with us through our fully accredited sailing education program, a program that can prepare you to be a better sailor. Rest assured that our training program adheres to the U.S. Coast Guard’s American National Standards for sailing training. Our Certifications and Licenses are also recognized by yacht chartering companies around the world.

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You will learn a lot from these courses thanks to our modern approach to online training. You will learn through interactive multimedia presentations that make learning fun, interesting, and informative.

Tell us your goal!

We are thrilled to offer you a variety of on-the-water training courses taken in concert with NauticEd online training. Our only question for you is, what do you want to learn? No matter if you have never been sailing before, want to get more experience and charter a boat, or recently bought your own yacht and need help in building up more confidence to master every situation. We can offer you a customized and personal education on your own yacht, on a certain charter yacht you have in mind or our very own classic gaff rigged cutter, the CORSAIR.

our knowledge, passion and experience

is your advantage and a safe and fun way to reach your goals.
tens of thousands of miles100%
35 years hands-on experience100%
customized & private trainings100%
handpicked boats100%
training success rate

Achieving your Sailing Competence

NauticEd programs blend four sailing education fundamentals:
Online Knowledge Learning100%
On-the-Water Practical Training100%
Experience & Resume Building100%
Certification & Licensing100%
Learn the theory, whereever, ONLINE !
Why online?  Welcome to the 21st Century for Sailing Education! NauticEd offers online multimedia theory courses that integrate perfectly with on-the-water practical training and experience.
  • Easy & Immediate Access:  Learn at your own pace, at home, on an airplane, in a coffee shop or waiting in the doctor’s office. Mobile or laptop.  With in seconds of signing up, you are learning.
  • Instant Results & Resume:  Online, real-time grading of tests and other tools allow you to evaluate your learning. Completed courses show instantly on your resume.
  • Retention:  Multimedia format with interactive animations, videos, and colorful graphics hold your attention and aid retention.
  • Social Learning Environment:  With NauticEd’s nano forums, students can collaborate with fellow students and instructors.
  • Better Use of On-The-Water Training: Maximize your practical training time by showing up already knowledgeable and tested.

More about the courses

coming soon

learn more about the courses we offering and the different certifications for you to achieve.

More about the courses

coming soon

learn more about the courses we offering and the different certifications for you to achieve.