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10 Safest Caribbean Vacation Spots to Visit

Are you planning your sailing vacation in the best and safest Caribbean vacation spots? Apart from the talcum powder-like beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean another thing that makes the Caribbean famous is the crime reports. Now, we all know crime is directly proportional to the economic state of the country. The places where natives struggle to get sort of luxuries will obviously get into crimes like theft, robbery, and burglary. Violence is a consequence of all these crimes.

Generally, you get really good weather throughout the year. But, if you are following what happens in paradise on Earth, the Caribbean, you will be aware of the recent effect of Hurricanes on this beautiful place. While there is no denying the fact of the hurricane, it is also very much true that all of it can be avoided if you do not travel from June to November.

Here is a list of 10 safest Caribbean vacation spots where you can spend your holidays and enjoy completely without worrying about safety.

  1. Montserrat: The lush green beauty of its terrain and the soulful nature of the inhabitants have made Montserrat earn the title, Emerald isle of the Caribbean. This amazing British territory is in the Leeward Islands has earned its place on top of the list of the safest places in the Caribbean. Although, the issue of Hurricanes and the active volcano at Soufriere Hills makes the place a little vulnerable from June to November. So, if you are planning for a trip here plan it avoiding the vulnerable season.
  2. Barths: If seclusion is the term, nothing beats St. Barthelemy which is popularly known as St. Barts. This place is solely accessible if you come by propeller plane, yacht or ferry. Also, it is the favorite party destination of celebrities and rich people. Just like other vacation spots, the issue of petty theft can be noticed here but not to a great extent. Also, there is no such report of a crime in this amazing party hub.
  3. British Virgin Islands: The British Virgin Islands has the largest inhabited island, Tortola besides islands like Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, Anegada. Also, it has almost 50 smaller islands and cays. As per the extensive studies of the Health Organization Mortality Database as of 2006, the homicide rate is 2 per 1 lakh people. This insignificant homicide rate is quite enough to prove how safe the British Virgin Islands are. But as per the British Government, incidents of armed robbery, theft, etc occurs in the British Virgin Islands too like any other place. So, it is advised by the Government that the tourists should take necessary precautions like not walking alone at lonely places, not carrying valuable with them or taking care of their belongings at beaches.
  4. Cayman Islands: The haven of the wealthy Cayman Islands is also a British Overseas Territory and one of the safest places in the Caribbean, thanks to its laws. The enforcement authority’s hard work in regard to strict gun laws helped achieve such peaceful conditions in the islands for the travelers. So, here what makes travelers worried is not the crime rate but the Hurricane in summers which you already know how to avoid. But, regardless of the crime report, the U.S. Department of State advises the tourists to keep their windows and doors locked to avoid petty offenses.
  5. Bonaire: Are you aware of the ABC islands of the Caribbean? Bonaire island along with Aruba and Curacao forms the mighty ABC. This island is actually a special municipality of the Netherlands. Now the thing that makes it the amongst safest vacation spots in the Caribbean is its location outside the Hurricane zone. As we speak the truth here, there is nothing to hide. There was an incident in 2017 where two people were murdered in less than 24 hours. But, after this incident, the initiatives taken by the authority made the island safe as no such incidents were recorded after.
  6. Barbados: This British Commonwealth Nation is traveled by almost 1 million tourists every year. It is considered the safest for families with the friendliest locals in the whole Caribbean. As per the 2020 Crime and Safety Record, this island has 2 kidnappings and 12 homicide per 1 lakh inhabitants. The island has set a benchmark in the whole of Caribbean with the lowest recorded sexual assault, armed residential burglaries and shootings. Isn’t that amazing? What else can be as safe as Barbados for vacation? But, on this island it is illegal to wear camouflage clothes and other flashy things. The authorities are pretty serious about this rule.
  7. Turks and Caicos: If you have already noticed, this sensational favorite Caribbean vacation spot for honeymooners is having a pretty good repute. It is considered really safe and that is the reason it receives such great footfall by honeymooners who wants to make the best memories in the postcard beaches of Turks and Caicos.
  8. Martinique: This island’s highest point is a picture-perfect mighty volcano. This does not make it unsafe for travel as the volcano has been silent for over a hundred years. This amazing island is a perfect Caribbean Vacation spot to experience the beautiful amalgamation of French and Caribbean culture. It has a recorded rate of homicide of 11 per 1 lakh inhabitants in the year 2009 by a local authority. But, if you consider it with the homicide rate of the United States it is still negligible. Avoid carrying your valuables in the capital and other tourist centers of tourist attraction to avoid robbery. So, visit this island with all the necessary precautions for safety as the beauty and culture of this island will reciprocate.
  9. Grenada: The spice isle of the Caribbean will enchant you with its beauty any given day. You can choose for a sailing vacation and stop at Grenada for a day or two. The island is otherwise really safe considered to other places, but it is advised to take safety precautions for your sailing vacation in the Caribbean to avoid petty theft, breaking in like crimes. You will thank yourself once you visit this beautiful Caribbean vacation spot.
  10. Aruba: If you are a beach person and you are on a sailing vacation in the Caribbean never make the mistake of missing out Aruba. The shallow waters, mighty ocean waves, and picturesque shipwrecks will enchant you in every way possible. This island is considered one of the safest islands in the list of the Caribbean vacation spots.

This article is all about the truth of the safest Caribbean vacation spots. So, I hope this helps you when you plan your sailing vacation to the Caribbean and go island hopping.

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