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How Much Do Caribbean Sail Trips Costs


The majestic white alabaster beaches, the pristine sky-like blue waters, and bright sunny weather of the Caribbean are what every heart wants. It is well known that the sun of this place can make your gloomy life bloom.

The beauty of the Caribbean lures every person who has wanderlust and infinite love for blue water and beaches. The best way to take the maximum out of the Caribbean is a sailing trip. If you sail you can cover maximum islands of the Caribbean and also experience the pristine waters. But, whenever we think of sail trips the first thing that rings in our mind is the cost. Not everyone has a budget to opt for luxurious sailing trips! But do not worry we got you covered here.

There are multiple tour operators in the Caribbean from where you can get customized sail trips around the islands. But, always remember a sailing trip around Grenada is the best. The air of Grenada has the smell of spices, so you can experience sweet-smelling wind while cruising. Grenada cruise is compared to be one of the most exotic of all.

The prime factor that determines the cost of a sailing trip is the yacht. The condition i.e. the age and size of the yacht you book. A normal yacht may carry 6 people excluding the members of the crew and a bigger yacht may carry up to a maximum of 12 people.

Options to consider for a sailing trip:

There are three options to consider when it comes to chartering a yacht for sail trips around the Caribbean.

  1. You can book a whole yacht with crew members. In this way, you and your family or friends will get undisturbed access to the yacht and enjoy without any issues. This will cost you more but surely will make your sail trip around the Caribbean most memorable.
  2. If you are a licensed sailor and you know the routes, you can also hire a yacht without any crew members and sail as you wish to. Also, you can get some fresh catch from the waters and cook it as per your choice.
  3. Last but the best option, select from various packages available with local tour operators. You get to sail safely and also get delicious freshly cooked Caribbean meals. Also, you can solely enjoy the trip without any worries about safety and all other tensions that accompanies travel.

What do you get in a Caribbean cruise package?

The cruise packages are generally inclusive of all amenities. A two nights private Grenada cruise may cost you approx $2,300 per couple as basic rate plus $100 for additional passengers.  The trip offers a unique experience with an experienced captain who knows every nooks and corner of the Caribbean, a crew of friendly people who can explain what the Caribbean is like, and a chef who is an expert. They provide soulful, delicious Caribbean and international delicacies cooked by local experts. The best thing is all meals are prepared fresh and to your dietary restrictions. You get ultimate comfort with hot water and a tub to relax in a modern bathroom. You can choose between sleeping below the deck or above the deck. There are beds along with bedsheet pillows and sleeping bag or comforter below the deck and above the deck, it has giant hammocks and big sheltered lounges accompanied with bright mighty Caribbean sun for a great dose of Vitamin D.  These packages also includes the costs of customs and immigration, charter license and marine park fees, freshwater, fuel, and other necessities. You also get breakfast, lunch and dinner, and an open premium bar. For all water activities and your entertainment, the package includes top-class snorkeling equipment, kayaks, water mattresses, fishing gears, rope swing, 20 ft float pad, coolers, freezers, water maker, BBQ equipment, Bluetooth sound system, freshwater showers, and all other amenities. Also, you will get to see around the famous tourist spots in and around Grenada and also the islands forming the world-famous Tobago Cays.

Also, you can book cabins in charters for a great sail trip around the islands. This is a great option if you like to make friends. Also, if you are a solo traveler and wish to go on a sailing trip this is the best way to both enjoy and have the most out of the trip without making a deep hole into your pocket. 8 days 7 nights trip around St. Vincent and Grenadines may cost you $2,700 per pax. The itinerary may change however subject to various unavoidable conditions like weather or any other emergencies of passengers. Also, these cabin packages will however include all amenities, water activities, and other entertainment.

If you look at the trend, you can go for a sailing trip in the Caribbean if you are ready to spend a minimum of $ 2,200 per person it can extend upto $4,000 per person depending on a yacht charter and cabin charter, and also the duration of sail.

So, it is quite clear that there is a great difference in pricing between sail trip in a yacht charter and a cabin charter. You may plan your sail trip according to your budget no one wants you to go broke to fulfill your dream of sailing in the Caribbean.

You can also choose for short hourly sail trips in the Caribbean and stay in the mainlands. This way you can enjoy both land and water equally. But remember to take all safety precautions while sailing around the Caribbean.

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