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Marc Jehle

Captain, Manager, Instructor & Engineer


Marc has been sailing since he was a little boy. The conclusion of a five year industrial mechanic apprenticeship saw him work for Skipper Service, a German cabin charter company where he served as an offshore and delivery skipper, sailing instructor and marine engineer; skippering his first Atlantic crossing at only 20 years old. He has also taken part in the construction of the underwater steel and foundations for the World’s greatest floating opera stage in Bregenz, Austria from 2006 to 2017 in his capacity as a self-employed engineer and commercial diver.

He discovered and fell in love with “Malu” in 2008, Corsair was bought in 2017, by this point his experience and knowledge was such that he felt confident setting out on his own, skippering his own boats and hosting a wide variety of guests. A long and extremely thorough renovation and refurbishment followed ensuring that the vessels were not only seaworthy and reliable, but fit his rigorous standards. With 25 years of diving experience and thousands of dives to his credit, Marc is the perfect dive master to show you the true beauties of the deep safely.

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