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Some people have made cruising their first choice of vacation style. Until recently, cruising on large cruise ships gave people an opportunity to visit many different countries in one trip, particularly in the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean. For the budget minded, small interior cabins are worth the price to pay for the opportunity to have activities, food, shows, and one-day shore excursions to various countries, depending on the length of time of the cruise. For the more luxury minded, large suites with a balcony offer more flexibility as to where to spend time on the full days at sea, either relaxing in the privacy of your cabin with a view of the ocean or spending time on the more crowded decks. Either way, cruising to different countries, including Grenada in the Caribbean, can be unique, all-inclusive, and in many ways, convenient on a large ship.

Typical Cruises

There are many different cruise lines to choose from that make a stop in Grenada. Each one has a target market, catering to a variety of demands, needs, and desires. Individuals or families can do a quick search on the internet to compare large cruise ship companies to smaller ones, each either visiting the port of St. George’s for a day or as a final destination after having anchored at other islands along the way. The cost per person for the cruise alone can range from US $500-$5000+, depending on the cruise line and length of cruise, whether it is a round trip or one-way cruise, and what is included in the cruise package. Alcoholic beverages are often an added expense, as well as shore excursions, and equipment rental for activities onboard.

Cruising 2020?

COVID 19, which became a pandemic in early 2020, has almost entirely destroyed the cruise ship industry, for how long, no one is certain. Large cruise line companies have had to anchor offshore, sometimes waiting months to off-load their customers and staff when it became safe to do so. While waiting, the majority of people on board were quarantined in their cabins, and even so, the virus spread on the ship. The future of cruising, for those who made it their first choice of vacation, has become unknown and potentially hazardous to their health. The cost of cruising may have now become too high for most people to afford monetarily for their budget, and practically for their health.

The Perfect Solution

So what is the alternative? Cruising is not completely dead. Small cruise ships offering personalized luxury service and unique adventures are still available at a cost comparative to the large cruise ships if not less! As people stay home, waiting for the world to open up its borders again; to tourism, trade and immigration, many will be browsing the internet to plan their future vacations by destination and type. At the same time, Corsair Sailing Charter & Experiences, a small cruise ship business in Grenada is working throughout the world lockdown to prepare for the future, resuming affordable cruising experiences to suit any budget. While cruising TO Grenada may no longer be an option for most people, cruising IN Grenada and FROM Grenada to other islands is definitely possible!


Where are the safe islands to travel to? How will tourists travel to the safest destinations? What will be available and open for tourists to do once they arrive? Grenada, until late August, has had NO deaths from COVID 19, making it one of the safest Caribbean islands to visit. Airline traffic has declined drastically as well, but with proper precautions, will still be the safest method of transportation to arrive into St. George’s, Grenada in the shortest amount of time, and therefore the least amount of interaction with strangers. 


A personal driver will pick up and deliver clients of Corsair Sailing Charters directly from the airport or your hotel, to the beautiful ship, the SS Corsair. A visit to the website will take you on a preview tour of this classic, beautiful cutter-rigged sailboat. You will learn about the Captain and his crew and their unique story. But most exciting will be the tours and experiences page, where you can choose from a variety of daytime, evening or overnight cruises of various lengths. Include a cruise within a one week holiday on the island, or make the cruise your entire vacation! All cruises can be customized. Sailing one way to a specific destination is also available at an extra cost. All cruises include an open bar, water toys, kayaks, snorkeling equipment, and bed linens. Scuba diving is also available. Meals are prepared fresh on the boat by the onboard chef, made with local products. Special food needs are catered to personally. There is nowhere on land that can provide the dining atmosphere and experience of being on the SS Corsair. Sunsets are particularly beautiful from the deck of the ship and whether you are with friends or family, or just a couple alone, it is a much more intimate alternative to large cruise ships.


Whether you choose to explore the many bays and islands of Grenada or cruise to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, or even beyond, you will find the perfect solution to your next cruise holiday craving on the SS Corsair! No crowds, no line-ups, great food, great atmosphere, lots of adventure and lots of relaxation.

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