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Explore the Caribbean: 8 best islands for 2020

8 best islands for 2020

Are you looking for a beach vacation to bask in the sun and enjoy the vastness of the sea? The Caribbean islands are the answer to all your doubts. This place has a rich colonial history of hundreds of years along with some amazing and incredibly beautiful white alabaster beaches. All adjectives fall short to describe the magnificence of these beaches and the stunning turquoise sea. If you are a solo traveler or a family person or if you are planning for your very special honeymoon just trust and jump for a Caribbean island-hopping vacation.

St. Lucia: This untouched beauty is surrounded by a mighty pair of Piton peaks on the West Coast. Here you will see the world’s only volcanic beaches. The island now tops the list of favorite destinations in the Caribbean by honeymooners, adventurers, and nature lovers. Some fantastic start resorts have developed on the island with private beaches and panoramic views to make a honeymoon or a family trip worth remembering. If you love some adventure sports St. Lucia is ideal as you can go hiking on the mighty Pitons to get an aerial view of the island and some midday sun-basking. If you are an adrenaline junkie you may go zip-lining through the wonderful rainforest the island has. The island also has a lot to offer for music lovers. It is famous for the St.Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival which takes place in May. One can never say that the island is meant for a particular group of people, it pleases every tourist.


The best time to visit this place is between December to April. This is the peak season with more people and higher rates of hotels and everything, generally because during this time the island is the driest. Also, you can prefer to visit during May and June when the weather is not so hot but the hotels offer great value deals. Another reason to visit St.Lucia during May is the Jazz and Art Festival.

British Virgin Island: The one word that comes to mind when we hear British Virgin Island is “posh”. This famous island was devastated in the year 2017 by the Hurricane but still has managed to maintain its reputation amongst the travelers. If you want to seclude yourself and go sailing in the turquoise Caribbean sea, this is the best place for you. This island has a reputation for making deep holes in your pocket. You can come here from other isles of the Caribbean by sailing in some wonderful yacht. According to some tourists being on this island is like exile so a maximum of 2 days is enough for planning a tour here. But, unlike many, some enjoy this seclusion as a way of refreshment. You can enjoy fishing and diving on this island and delicious Caribbean foods, fresh fishes, and drinks. The U.S Virgin Islands and Anguilla are nearby and you can easily go and visit and come back to this island again.

If you want to go sailing visit the place during March and if you want to go diving do not go during summers but choose between winter and spring but for seclusion do go from September to November. But, do check the weather beforehand as this zone is prone to Hurricane between June to November.

U.S. Virgin Islands: These islands are the most famous amongst people of the United States as no visa is required to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean here. Also, you can pay for everything with U.S Dollars. Plan your itinerary so that you can spend equally in St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. Each island has its special features. So, experience nature clubbed with the colonial history of the Caribbean all together in those majestic islands.

The peak time of tourism is December to March but if you want to avoid the crowd and want better hotel deals then travel from April to June.

Grenada: Grenada is a Caribbean country surrounded by small islands is popularly known as the ‘spice isle’ as it has major nutmeg plantation. It also has cocoa and cinnamon plantations. This place is famous for its colorful houses made in the Georgian style. An aerial view of the Grenada mainland will amaze you anytime. You will get amazing beaches, lush green rainforest, and exciting marine life in Grenada. The Underwater Sculpture Park of Grenada attracts tourists from all over the world. Also, the capital St. George’s market is famous amongst tourists for shopping.

The best time to visit Grenada is between December and April as during this time the rainfall is less and you can enjoy the picturesque landscape.

Tobago Cays: This untouched pristine marine park is the most famous amongst divers and sailors. It is the favorite spot for cruisers to anchor for some leisure on the beautiful beaches with a variety of marine life. Tobago Cays is also famous for its nearly 2-mile long horseshoe reef. The crystal clear lagoon of the Tobago Cays is shallow and you can enjoy watching colorful fishes and turtles making their way in the water alongside the coral reefs. Water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving is a major attraction of Tobago Cays. The shallow water houses a variety of both soft and hard corals, nurse sharks, and many other wonderful marine animals. Snorkeling is a must while you are here as not every day you get to swim with the green turtles. There is no better way to explore the Caribbean by water sports lovers than being in the Tobago Cays.

Antigua: Antigua has a hefty 365 beaches to be mentioned so a beach for a day for a whole year. This place is perfect for family vacations as you can party on the sand and your kids can splash some water in the shallow waters. Antigua is ready to offer you some tasty foods of the West Indies, historical sites, and heartwarming culture. When you are in Antigua visit St. John the Divine cathedral. You will see camps of sun-worshipers along the shores.

Cayman Islands: The crescent-shaped shore of Cayman island gives it the divine beauty you will ever see while you explore the Caribbean. This is a premier dive site where you can swim with the stingrays. Also, it is much much more affordable, so you don’t have to burn holes in your pocket while you explore the Caribbean island and its pristine beauty.

Barbados: Isn’t it very natural to think of Caribbean rum while you visit the beautiful islands? You may question what is the difference between Barbados and other islands of the Caribbean? This island in the year 1966 became independent from the British Rule but it still holds some British culture like afternoon tea, cricket, and horse races. You can experience these typical British things in Barbados. Also, you can taste the famous rum Mount Gay Rum here. The enthralling architecture, sports culture, and perfect party ambiance make it so special.

We hope, this article helps you choose from the best while you plan to explore the Caribbean post this Pandemic. Also, look through the guidelines prescribed by the WHO regarding travel.

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