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Caribbean island-hopping vacation: tips to fully enjoy it

tips to fully enjoy it

Are you looking for a beach vacation to bask in the sun and enjoy the vastness of the sea? The Caribbean islands are the answer to all your doubts. This place has a rich colonial history of hundreds of years along with some amazing and incredibly beautiful white alabaster beaches. All adjectives fall short to describe the magnificence of these beaches and the stunning turquoise sea. If you are a solo traveler or a family person or if you are planning for your very special honeymoon just trust and jump for a Caribbean island-hopping vacation.

The Caribbean island will satisfy your adventure-seeking soul in every way possible. The Caribbean islands have the world-famous cigarillos. In your Caribbean island-hopping vacation you can try all those water sports you had on your bucket list but never accomplished. The Caribbean islands are famous for its crystal clear waters and majestic white powdery beach. You cannot visit a single island and get all the essence of this mighty place. Each of its islands has some special feature which is not present in the other. The resorts, the Caribbean food, cigars, rum, and the people of the islands everything is waiting to win your heart over and over again.

Here is a list of the top islands where you can go and have a vacation of a lifetime:

Jamaica: It has the birthplace of the legend Bob Marley and the famous James Bond Beach. Does it ring a bell? Yes, we are talking about Jamaica. The magnificent powdery white sand runs from the North Shore and continues along the Seven Mile Beach, Negril cliff, luxury resorts of Montego beach till the Famous James Bond Island. The pristine beach ends at James Bond Beach and starts the jungles of coconut palms, juniper bushes, tamarind, and mangroves.

You can also go inland to visit the Birthplace of Bob-Marley and hop into some Rum-bars and groove to the music of the man.

The jerk chicken will be a great accompaniment to your choice of drink in the happening nightlife of Montego Bay. You will find numerous honeymooners having their best time on the Montego beach.


Turks and Caicos: If you want to explore the beaches of the Caribbean Sea then this might be the one you will like the most. This place is perfect for scuba-diving as it has magnificent coral reefs. Also, this place has a good number of five-star resorts where you can lay back on their private beaches and relax. This is a honeymooner’s paradise.


St.Lucia: It has the mountain duo, the Pitons on the west coast. This island is the home to several bubbling volcanic springs and mud pools, fishing villages, reef diving sites, and luxury resorts. The Capital of St. Lucia, Castries is famous as a cruise ship spot all over the world.

The mighty Cove of Anse Chastanet is hidden between the cliffs and coastal waterfalls. It is for travelers to discover it to get awestruck by its beauty.

These are just a drop of what the Caribbean Island has in its treasure to offer to the tourists. In short Caribbean Islands are perfect for a visual retreat, leisure, adventure sports, and also gastronomic experience of a lifetime. Good luck for a perfect Caribbean Island hopping vacation.

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