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Sailing Vacation Caribbean – Things You Need To Pack

Things You Need To Pack

If you are planing a sailing vacation Caribbean, you are certainly in for a treat. Of course this region offers a range of exciting experiences, things to see and do, and attractions. But in order to get the most from your experience, you need to pack the right things. Coming prepared for your adventure can help make sure everything goes as well as possible, and you have a perfect time. So, to help you have the ideal sailing vacation Caribbean novices could usually only dream of, here are the things you need to pack:

Documentation (and Copies) For a Sailing Vacation Caribbean

First things first, it is important to make sure your adventure goes as smoothly as possible by checking that you have all the documentation you need – including your passport. It is also a good idea to bring copies and keep these in a different place in case the originals are lost.

Minimal Clothing (Suitable for a Sailing Vacation Caribbean Style)

When packing for your sailing vacation in the Caribbean, we recommend that you pack light. Many novices make the mistake of bringing far more clothing etc. than they really need. You will need some swimming gear, of course. You will need some lightweight, breathable clothing to stay comfortable in the heat, and perhaps something a little more formal for dinners, or excursions on shore. But keep things simple, and don’t be tempted to treat your sailing vacation like a fashion show.

A Waterproof Day Pack (And Reusable Bottles Etc)

In order to make sure you can make the most of shore excursions, we highly recommend that you bring a day pack to carry with you wherever you go. Carrying reusable water bottles, mugs, straws etc. will help you have a sustainable stay and avoid adding to plastic waste problems. We also recommend that you choose a waterproof one. A waterproof day pack will keep documents, cameras, electronic devices etc. safe no matter where you go.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

One top consideration for a sailing vacation Caribbean is staying safe in the sun. We recommend that you bring some accessories such as hats and sunglasses for example. But most importantly of all, make sure you bring some sunscreen. But to keep Caribbean waters biodiverse and crystal-clear, make sure you choose a reef safe option, so you don’t harm marine life when you’re in the water.

Entertainment Items For Onboard and For Adventures

Exploring on shore and on board, you should make sure you have the items you need to have a great time. You can often hire snorkel gear etc. for aquatic adventures. But we recommend that you consider bringing snorkel gear of your own. It is also a great idea to bring a good book, some playing cards, or other forms of entertainment, to help you make the most of quiet times onboard.

There are, of course, other things you might want to bring. But these are the basic items that will help enhance your Caribbean sailing vacation.

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